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Black Butterfly Women Services

Our Mission is to serve as a beacon of hope by providing transitional services and helping
women achieve self-sufficiency. Black Butterfly provides an opportunity for women to turn their
lives around, accomplish goals and to be successful in whatever they want to do.
We focus on changing the systems that are created and interrupt debilitating cycles of suffering and provide a way out. We know these young women are full of talent, power, and gifts.
Through love, meaningful relationships, and healing supports, these young women transform into valuable contributors for their family and our community.
The values of this community are informed by love and respect for one another; trusting
relationships, mutual accountability, and healing core hurts.

These core supports fuel a sister’s personal transformation:

1. A safe, affordable home with community meals along with healing circles, career
development, mentoring, and life coaching sessions. 

2. Connections to culturally appropriate behavioral health counseling and treatment

3. Volunteers who provide supports in the home and the community, including assisting
with job search and retention Black Butterfly’s holistic approach leads to a change in thinking and healthy habits.


With a new perspective on themselves and their life, sisters have hope, and they are inspired to pursue a new
journey toward real success.
Black Butterfly has served 32 women. We have one home that has the capacity to serve up to 7 women at a time. Our current model is set- up to deeply impact a smaller number of women.

For Prospective Residents

We are so happy that you want to join the Black Butterfly family! Please fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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